bear me

Cristina Planas Leitão

bear me explores the concept of relationships: the relationship between Me and You, between the Performer and the Audience, between Men and Society. A metaphorical journey of vulnerability and exposure is created on different levels, from which a distorted and incomplete body emerges. Also created is the necessary space which enables the audience to enter the private and secluded place of the performer where parallels are drawn between intimate and interpersonal relationships in an ambiguous way, allowing the action to unfold in double meanings. The space “between” intensifies the feeling of limbo that exists between the two characters, as well as the loneliness and intimacy that belong to the third hybrid body.


Choreographer and original performance:
Cristina Planas Leitão

Interpretation and performance:
Alexandra Verschuuren

Thanks to:
Companhia Instável, Teatro Aveirense (PT)

Thumbnail picture © Renato Cruz Santos


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