Alexandra Verschuuren looking up
© Courtenay Willis

Continuing my fascination for the human body, from a young age I spent countless hours hanging upside down, imitating gymnasts on tv, dancing around in the garden, doing yoga with my mother, and observing people. Throughout my training in becoming a professional dancer I felt an unknown urgency that I could not understand. This led me to exploring awareness within a movement practice and later on within life in general. A few years ago, I noticed that my interest didn’t lie in becoming a dancer or the practice of physical movement alone, but that it lied in the practice in how to live a meaningful life and what that entails.

Ever since, I have been studying awareness and human behavior as a method and attempt to further understand and inform myself, my teachings and my relationships. One of the reasons that brought me to teaching was due to the possibility to share, exchange and learn from the ways in which people perceive dance, movement, and more from different points of view. As a teacher, I hope to spark curiosity, encourage dialogue and build a sense of responsibility within the practices I share.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to teach in different schools and institutions within the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, and hope to continue developing this side of myself in the years to come.