Out of the blue

Danielle Huyghe and Alexandra Verschuuren

Out of the blue is a multidisciplinary dance duet that revolves around the reality of dreams. A journey of waking and sleeping falls upon the performers, where order and chaos collide bringing out experiences we tend to ignore.

The audience is taken through different scales of intensity where they long to resolve the anxiety they experience during dreams. The REM sleep is interpreted and experienced, shown through the physical qualities of activity and relaxation. We bring ourselves and the audience into a journey of structured chaos. This is brought to the performers by exhausting the repetition in their movements and by involving their personal experiences into the piece.


Concept development, choreography and dance performance:
    Danielle Huyghe, Alexandra Verschuuren

Composition and music performance:
Guillem Góngora Moral

Costume design:
Lia van Ettekoven

Merel Heering

Gerard Sangrà Navarro

Dansateliers, Fameus/Kavka

Made possible by Gemeente Rotterdam
Supported by Stad Antwerpen, Cultuur Vlaanderen

Awarded jury prize for best choreography at Festival 25Masdanza
Finalist at Festival 10 Sentidos and Copenhangen International Choreography Competition
Semi-finalist at Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition
Selected for 40 winks Aerowaves

Thumbnail picture © Thijs Huizer


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