trial out or err_or

Myrthe Bokelmann, Gabrielle Aidulis, Alexandra Verschuuren

trial out or err_or was a sharing of three research projects by Myrthe Bokelmann, Gabrielle Emily Aidulis, and myself. We graduated together at ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Arnhem, and are working as professional artists. During the event in May 2020, we shared our attempts, discoveries, and failures through recorded videos and/or live streams on Facebook.

About (Get a room)
(Get a room) revolves around the paradox of performing in private. I explore the gaze of the watcher and the action and reaction of the performer. This research is unsolvable and therefore continues to fascinate me.

‘’During this session, you become a constructed voyeur: the one witnessing and observing Alexandra Verschuuren in ‘private’. Join her in moments of quirk, silence, the revealing of her dancer’s side, and reflection upon that. Feel free to stay and watch her journey, or come and go as you would in a museum.’’


A collaboration of: 
Myrthe Bokelmann, Gabrielle Emily Aidulis, Alexandra Verschuuren

Artistic guidance:
Hillary Blake Firestone, Noud Heerkens, Diane Elshout

Made possible by Corona and The Internet


Facebook event trial out or err_or